Why should I hire a postpartum doula?



Safe, Reliable, Nurturing Care...

Safe, Reliable, Nurturing Care in the comfort of your home to promote restful recovery and bonding with your baby(s).

Ongoing support...

Ongoing support that can start with planning in the prenatal period and continue until you're post birth and ready to move forward on your own. My services are available up to 6-9 months post-birth.

Supportive Care for the Whole Family

Whoever you define as family...whether that be visitors, people of any age living in your home with you, partners, other children, friends... Doulas make sure everyone is acknowledged and supported for the benefit of the newest member's gentle beginning, as well as the birthing parent's.

As your Post-Birth Doula, I can offer you help with:

 Planning for postpartum during your pregnancy

 General support, in whatever way you need

Breastfeeding support *please note, I am not a certified Lactation Consultant, but can refer you should you desire additional support

Bottle feeding, cup, tube feeding; bottle prep

Referrals to community supports and services

Laundry (baby laundry, change of bed linens)


Light household chores & cleaning

Light nutritious meal prep

Holding/wearing your baby while you nap, shower, eat, etc.


Baby’s bathtime

Other children and family members

Support with multiples

Grocery and other shopping

Access to lending library

Support using Natural Handmade Wellness Products from New Life Co. (visit www.newlifeco.ca for more info!)

…and more! It’s my job to tailor my services to your family’s needs and desires.

Should you have any questions about my services, please do not hesitate to contact me! (See my Contact & Location page).

Please note: I am not here to take over your parenting journey and do everything for you (which can be disempowering and hard to transition out of), but rather to help you through the gradual transition and help you and your family feel confident and supported.

Also, my services make perfect gifts for those soon-to-be or new parents in your life!

Please see the Pricing page for further details.