Doula services are extremely valuable. Give yourself permission to invest in yourself and your family’s smooth transition. Babies and children are happiest when their parents are. YOU are worth it!!

And for the soon-to-be or new parents in your life, postpartum doula services can make an invaluable and life-changing gift that they’ll never forget.

My services and packages are outlined below, and are a minimum of 2 hours in duration to a maximum of 8 hours per shift.

I also offer a per-hour basis at $25 per hour.

Preparing the Nest

Let’s meet and discuss what a positive post-birth period would look like for you and your family. It is much easier to plan ahead! I will provide a handy planning tool that you can keep for reference!

Complimentary if you book a package, $50 otherwise

First Day in the Nest

3-5 hours with you and your family getting settled in and comfy on your first day with your newest love. This will help ensure the best start!



12 hours of in-home support and service, 2-6 days



24 hours of in-home support and service, 3-12 days



36 hours of in-home support and service, 5-18 days


Blue Jay

48 hours of in-home support and service,      6-24 days



60 hours of in-home support and service,         8-30 days



72 hours of in-home support and service,         9-36 days


Bird Call

A call from me, once a week, about 30 minutes or so, for the first 8 weeks post birth. We’ll check in, chat, share resources, and most of all– listen! This service can be added onto any other service or package.


Fluff Up Your Feathers

A one-time “reset your groove” day or night of in-home support and service. 6 to 8 hours long to help you reset, rest, self-care, maybe even pick up an old (or new!) hobby for fun or relaxation. It’s all about you!

$125*    *This makes a fabulous gift!

Personal Shopping/Outing Buddy

Allow me to join you on your shopping trip or first outing with baby! Whether it’s to the doctor’s or midwives’ clinic, across town, errands, shopping for baby goods, or out for a walk– let me help ease the anxiety, help you with the babywearing/carseat/stroller, and provide some companionship!

$15 per hour; 2 hour minimum and 6 hour total maximum.

*Please note, I’ll accompany you in your vehicle or method of transportation of choice; Unfortunately I cannot provide the transportation.

For More Information...

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any inquiries at and please visit the Contact & Location page.